The 6-week Wellness TransformHER

Learn how to REVOLUTIONIZE your time, health, self-care & wellness!

The 6-week Wellness TransformHER helps you say GOODBYE to being an exhausted, busy woman and HELLO to having more time for your self-care and wellness!

This premium transformation is for busy women entrepreneurs and high-achieving corporate women that want to feel empowHERed to prioritize their health, wellness, and self-care in their daily, hectic schedules!

By enrolling, you will learn to break through 5 major roadblocks to achieving an optimal, well-balanced luxurious lifestyle.

The Lady Well Framework Transforms Your Life

Get your time back to focus on your health, self-care and wellness!

  • Uninterrupted Time for Spa Days

  • MORE Time for Traveling & Vacations

  • MORE Time for Healthy Eating

  • MORE Time with Family & Friends

  • Enhanced Mental Clarity and Focus

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Using my

Lady Well Framework, you will discover & design your dream life for healthier, luxurious living

with these steps:

  • Remodel Your Mindset

  • Re-design Your Routine

  • Revolutionize Your Time

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If you don’t have MORE time for your self-care, health and wellness within 6 weeks of enrolling, we’ll work with you for FREE until you do!

We are so confident in our ability to transform women's lives everywhere through this 6-week online revolution! That is why we completely back our framework with our EmpowHER service guarantee! Enrolled transformHERs will have a significantly improved quality of life, greater happiness, and inHER peace!

Meet the CreateHER

Dr. Talonda Bryant, PT, DPT

  • Wife, CEO, Real Estate InvestHER

  • FoundHER of The Lady Well Consult.

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Women's Health & Wellness Coach

The 6-week Wellness TransformHER is

VALUE Packed!

  • Weekly Accountability E-mails

  • 1x/Week 60-Min. Self-Care Zoom Calls

  • InHER LifeWork

  • Private High-Vibrational Support Community

BONUSES for FIRST 10 Ladies to Enroll

  • DAILY Motivational Text Support (VALUE: $500)

  • Accountability Buddy


  • Dinner in 5 Recipes, One-Pot Pan Recipes, Mindful Eating and Mason Jar Snacks Guide

    (VALUE: $1,860)

  • The "Power of Outsourcing Everyday Household Duties" eCourse (VALUE: $3,400)


  • Can I pay in full or sign up for a payment plan?

    Yes, I do accept payments in full or through payment plans!

  • What should I expect in the virtual self-care coaching calls?

    You will learn strategies to easily implement in your daily lifestyle to be able to prioritize luxury self-care, wellness and healthy activities!

  • How much time do the InHER LifeWork Assignments take to do each week?

    To facilitate transformation, your InHER LifeWork Assignments should take about 30 minutes to 1 hour each week to integrate within your busy schedule!

  • How many times a year do you offer your Wellness TransformHER?

    I will be offering The 6-Week Wellness TransformHER year-round in various cohorts and seasons. Enrollment is only open for a limited time!

  • Who is this type of service for?

    This transformation is for exhausted, busy women who are ready to transform their time to be able to prioritize their health, self-care and wellness in their hectic lifestyles!

    It's for women who are ready to devote at least 2 hours per week to re-build their epic, dream life and learn new strategies to apply to their lives!

    It's for women who are ready to invest in themselves to become a master of their health & wellness!

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